Sunday, November 23, 2008

Star Wars Epidemic

I rented the original 1977 Star Wars to watch with the boys when Steve was out of town a couple of weeks ago. They had never seen it, but had been introduced to the whole Star Wars universe through the Lego Star Wars video game. I thought they would enjoy it, and it was pretty fun, except Jack kept asking every ten seconds "When will they do the light savers (he calls them savers instead of sabers) again?" or "When will they show Dark Vader (Dark instead of Darth) again?" It became a little bit tedious, but it was still fun sitting with them watching the movie and eating pizza. In our bed. I washed the sheets right after.
Ever since then, it has been all light sabers (or savers) all the time. Steve even rigged up some made out of paper tubes and drinking straws, and now there are about ten of them lying around our house. Jack is constantly swinging one around, and the other day he turned a stick into a light saber and was watching his shadow against the fridge. I just had to take some video footage:

It's a little reminiscent of the YouTube video that was going around a few years ago...

Before it was spoofed by Arrested Development, possibly the most genius sitcom of all time:

The whole thing is just so much cuter in a boy of three vs. a teenager.

Unfortunately, the Star Wars disease is only going to get worse considering what the boys are getting for Christmas. I better prepare myself for breaking up fights with these things for many years to come.


Alison said...

What a coincidence. Tim was watching Star Wars with Ivy last weekend, and now she's going around calling herself Princess Leia.

Loved the video of Jack dueling with his shadow. What beautiful light.

Christian said...

Rented Star Wars? We own all six episodes and Jacob has watched each of them more times than I care to admit. He has been obsessed with Star Wars since he was about 3. He's almost 8. He has light sabers, Legos, and even a Jedi cape. He was Darth Vader this year for Halloween.'re in for a long haul! Enjoy!