Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupid Ikea Tricks

One of Jack's favorite things to do is to go to Ikea. In fact, the first word he ever recognized was Ikea on the bottom of one of his plastic plates (I know, I need to get to the park more). I think one of the reasons he loves it so much may have something to do with the fact that we always get there first thing and I let him get a cinnamon roll and a plate of bacon. I know, but the kid hardly eats anything, and he eats absolutely every bit of it, so I indulge him. I think he also likes it because I let him run around on the top floor and play with the kid's stuff and then make him get in a cart when we get downstairs. I usually let him grab a duster at the beginning of the marketplace so he can dust things as we go (and amazingly, this usually works). But today they didn't have any dusters, so I had to resort to doing this:

Thanks to Cha-Cha for taking the video. By the way, check out the butcher job on my bangs. I couldn't get into my regular salon for a trim this week, so I walked in to another one where my friend had a great haircut and color, and they totally cut them too short (even though I told them how long I wanted them), and texturized them. Please, does any sane person texturize their hair anymore? Trust me, I didn't ask for it, and I would have stopped them if I could have, but it all happened so fast. At least they should grow out in a few weeks. Lesson learned: wait to get into your regular salon, even if you're bangs are hanging in your eyes like a shaggy dog.