Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girls & Gormandise

Last night I had a great girl's night with my friends Trish, Cha-Cha, and Janell. Actually, we didn't get to do much of what we set out to do. We were planning to go to a fun toy store for some Christmas shopping, but due to some bad traffic and too much shopping at the Sundance Outlet, we got there after it closed. We went to dinner and then did a little shopping at Barnes & Noble, but then ended up at our favorite bakery, Gourmandise, which really is a good enough reason to get together on its own. I thought I'd tell you a little about my friends through photos of them and the desserts they ordered:

Cha-Cha & The Peach

Cha-Cha has been my friend for over 13 years and was my room mate for three of them. She can make me laugh more than just about anyone on the planet. She's incredibly patient and has twins, so she kind of has to be, but she was even before the kids came along. She ordered The Peach, which she describes as "A peach shaped donut filled with cream and soaked in booze." Enough said.

Janell & the Millefuille

Janell and I met eight years ago when Steve was finishing his PhD and her husband (also a Steve) was starting his Master's Degree. For a long time we just hung out as couples, but when her Steve got a job at the same University as my Steve, I was over joyed to have her to hang out with. She gives you the impression of being a bit reserved when you first meet her, but she is one of the most fun friends I have, and you know she's a great friend if she would let me do this to her house and still speak to me. She ordered the millfuille, which at Gormandise is amazing. Fondant Icing, lots of flaky pastry layers, and custard. I always require that at least one person gets one so I can have a taste.

Trish & The Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Bar

Trish and I met in our kid's swimming class, and I am so glad we did. I struck up a conversation with her when I heard her Irish accent and because I have family in the UK and lived there, I am always happy to meet people from that neck of the woods. She was so much fun and we so understood each other that we became great friends. She is one of the bravest people I know because 1) she had her first child at 44, and, as if that wasn't enough, 2) she had her second child at 46. She's a great Mom, so friendly and outgoing, and always fun to hang out with. And her husband is also named Steve and is a college professor. It gets confusing at times. Her treat was one none of us had tried before but was amazing chocolate mousse on a crunchy, hazelnut crust. She likes to experiment, and this one was amazing. Sorry the photo wasn't.

Me & The Flaming Heart

What can I say about myself that hasn't been said on this blog before? I can say I am incredibly lucky to have such great friends, and to have a husband who encourages me to get out with them often. My favorite treat at Gormandise is the Flaming Heart cookie. It's actually two butter cookies cemented together with dark chocolate. I love it because it's simple and not too sweet, and Gormandise knows how to do it just right. It's a perfect ending to a great night out with the girls.